What’s going on now?



Look no further! Here’s your update! The Heating/Air System was first on the
list as you all know. The Get It Done Committee (which consists of Roy
Davis, Ted Wier, Ed Konsmo, and Carla Pelster in conjunction with Judy
Brockhoff), has been in consultation with Wayne Knoll from Korsmo
Construction and has selected Rick Burrill at Expert Air Control.  He has
worked with the system he is installing for 15 years.  The system has been
around for 60 years.  He is the owner of Expert (formerly known as
Advanced heating).

He is aware of our budget and intends to stay within it.  Work will begin as
soon as possible after signing the contract and upon parts delivery.  It will
be a 2-3 week process.  We will coordinate very closely with the Learning
Center and Preschool as to which classes will be effected each day.

The more exciting news is in regards to the 3rd service. What kind of a
name is that? It’s not. How about Lakewood Grace? Excellent, Lakewood
Grace it is! This service will begin meeting once a month starting in October.
When is the actual launch, you ask? What better day to launch a new service
than Easter Sunday…the day that Christ bestowed His Grace upon all of us,
including Lakewood…Lakewood Grace! Interested in getting involved with
this Ministry? Contact Pastor Brad or Leslie Craig. They would love to get you
plugged in.

Want more information? Contact Pastor James, Pastor Brad, Carla Pelster or
Leslie Craig; however, as we have information, we will continue to share
with you, the congregation of the Little Church with a Big Heart who has
poured out it’s generosity for all of Lakewood. God Bless you! God Bless The
Little Church on the Prairie!